Brussels, November 2016: As shown during the final technical review meeting, “the project has been completed with excellent success … it even exceeded the expected results and outlined objectives and is likely to exceed the envisaged impact”, said Markus Korn, Programme Officer EU policies at the European Commission. This is the highest ranking an EU project can get.

Both the EC Project Officer and the technical reviewers appreciated TETRACOM as an outstanding project run over three years with great achievements and high quality cooperation among 34 partners across Europe.

Markus Korn congratulated the entire consortium for taking all advice and recommendations carefully into account to help steering the project to the utmost success.

TETRACOM’s co-funded technology transfers achieved an average TRL elevation from 5 to 7, and the participating companies benefitted from a number of sustainable positive developments, e.g. cost savings, better products, and competitive advantage by a lower price in production and manufacturing, followed by revenue growth.