The TETRACOM workshop took place on September 23, 2015 in Milano, Italy. We registered 56 participants from 35 institutions in 14 countries for the workshop. Of the participants that filled out the survey, 73% rated the workshop of high quality.

The workshop demonstrated that small scale Technology Transfer Projects or TTPs as pioneered by the TETRACOM project actually work and can boost European academia-to-industry technology transfer in all domains of Computing Systems. TTPs do so by lowering the barrier for researchers to make their first steps towards commercialization of their research results, not by creating a startup company, but by transferring the technology to an existing company. TTPs provide incentives for technology transfer at small to medium scale via partial funding of dedicated, well-defined, and short term academia-industry collaborations that bring concrete R&D results into industrial use.

The workshop started with a presentation by Frank Gielen from the iminds institute (Belgium) promoting the Flipped Knowledge Transfer model followed by a presentation by Matthias Weiss from Intel Mobile Communications Technology on technology transfer in the business of wireless communications and a presentation by Sandro d’Elia from the European Commission on the innovation measures in Horizon 2020.

The second part of the workshop showcased the results of eight successful TTPs on a variety of topics: sensor networks, acoustic processing, technical solution for medical rehabilitation, contactless measurements, business analytics, GPU acceleration, graph management, adaptive resource sharing. From these cases, we learned that the technology transfer actually happened, and that in some cases the technology will be integrated in existing products or services or lead to new products and services and additional employment.

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