The TETRACOM Newsletter summarizes the first two years of positive activity of this technology tranfer oriented project,  also confirmed in the second review meeting hold in Oslo during the HiPEAC CSW. Finally, it announces the the parameters and deadlines of the forthcoming 3rd and final call for TTP.  

TETRACOM has been co-funding 30+ Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs) so far, and a lot of of tangible impact has been generated, representing an unique approach to academia-industry technology transfer as confirmed also by a very successful 2nd project review meeting that took place in May 2015 in Oslo in conjunction with the HiPEAC CSW. 

The TETRACOM team is looking forward to receiving your TTP proposals in the 3rd and final call, opening on Aug 15, where another 350k EUR will be granted for outstanding transfer activities. The deadline is September 30, 2015. 

Finally, the upcoming TETRACOM main workshop is announced for September 23, 2015 in Milan during the HiPEAC Computing System Week. 


The complete Newsletter is available at the following link: