In this TETRACOM Newsletter the project coordinator, Prof. Rainer Leupers, remarks the importance of the TETRACOM instruments for the technology transfer from the research world to the industry. Then, the Newsletter announces the next TETRACOM workshop in October and the expected period for the opening of the second TTPs call for projects. Finally,  it provides some facts about the first TTPs call. 

TETRACOM offers a blend of instruments that help to pave the way from excellent research results into industrial uptake, with its co-funded Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs) being the most prominent. 

The first call for proposals was announced on 15 February with a submission deadline of 31 March 2014: a total of 31 proposals were submitted from 13 different European countries. Each of the proposals was evaluated by 2 reviewers from an external panel of reviewers. The TETRACOM Steering Committee selected the most ranked 10 proposals for funding.  A provisional budget of 338k € was allocated for the accepted proposals.

The next TETRACOM workshop will be held during the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week from 8 to 10 October 2014 in Athens.

A second call for Technology Transfer Projects will be launched in November 2014.

The complete Newsletter is available at the following link: