Great success for the TISU Transfer to Industry and Start-Ups Workshop organized by TETRACOM in Prague on 19 January 2016 during the HiPEAC 2016 Conference, where speakers reported their experiences in technology transfer, and in particular some success stories of TETRACOM project. Moreover, the visitors enjoyed a poster session with all TTPs funded within the TETRACOM initiative.

Building dynamic economies that are based on the creative application of human knowledge is currently an aspiration all around the world. As part of this effort, Europe has been investing a lot of resources in different programs (e.g., FP7, ENIAC, ARTEMIS) to stimulate research and innovation. However, the impact of such programs on the overall European economy is still below the targets/expectations. For instance, the number of startups born from these research programs remains still limited.

The panel of speakers of the TISU Workshop presented their experiences in technology transfer. In particular some interesting testimonials of TTPs funded by TETRACOM project. Finally, a large poster exhibition with the totality of past and running TETRACOM TTPs was organized.

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